Candi Bertran – Jewel of a Great Price Song Lyrics

Artist: Candi Bertran
Music: Dan Wolgemuth
Piano Accompaniment: Christy Tibbetts

As Children she’s the first we see, going through her busy days
While she works she doesn’t notice that we study all her ways
If we see love, it comes from her.Through her, trust we understand
The early lessons that we learn come from a Mother’s hand

More precious than gold, a jewl of great price
A faith that is strong, a life lived for Christ
A voice that speaks love, a heart sacrificed
A mother’s life is a jewel of great price

The morning light comes early, her day begins at dawn
Her hands will always work for good, and she fills her home with song
She’s special in so many ways, the reason is well known
For Jesus walks with her each day, and He’s the head of her home CHORUS
Many years have passed us by, now she’s my mother and my friend
I still draw comfort from her words, and find the lessons never end
For all the years she’s touched my life, there’s one question on my part.
How can she have such quiet strength, yet hold such a tender heart?

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Candi Bertran – Jewel of a Great Price Song Lyrics

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