Coldplay Song – The Man Who Swears Lyrics

Artist: Coldplay
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There’s a man who swears he’s God
But I’m pretty sure he’s not
There’s a man who walks around
Like he owns the fucking lot

There’s a man who takes his time
From the hands of a cuckoo clock
You can hear him walk around
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

At first, it was easy
But now why’s it have to be so hard?
Heaven is a fire escape
You try to cling to in the dark

At first it was simple
But now it got too complicated
But the world just got a lovely time
Or blame it all on my mistake

Maybe I’ll find heaven
One day, after dark
Maybe you’ll find heaven is a place to part?

We are doing everything we can
We still can’t seem to switch it on
I am floating up beneath the clouds

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Coldplay Song – The Man Who Swears Lyrics

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