Ed Sheeran Songs – Drown Me Out Lyrics

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: No. 5 Collaborations Project (2011)

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
I’m in so deep
Omar Epps could relate to my situation on a real
Pain ain’t the emotion I want to feel, but I’m thriving off it
So it’s only right I like this topic, I be on a hill
Keeping my head above water
I can’t afford to ever get caught in a corner
So I move with the force of a sorcerer
It’s dark when I’m about, just me, myself and my shadow
And I’m parro, running out of ammo
And it seems like everyone around me’s on the same path so it’s narrow
The less then the better
More proof for the last one left
So they want to leave me as wet as an umbrella
I play fool to catch wise, how they ever gonna guess I’m clever?
How can I be at my best with this pressure?
I’ve got a lot to lose
So when I watch the news, my minds infected with terror
No wonder I’m under stress
I got my door kicked down by a bunch of feds
And when they left, it looked like I’d had a rave
And invited more than a hundred guests
I shoulda bust the back door and jumped the fence
It’s easier when you look back shoulda, woulda, coulda
But I bet you can’t bring should, woulda could back
Back to 15, [?]
I said to myself that I’m more than a hoodrat

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]
Ooo, you can drag me in the deep ends
Ooo, but you will never drown me out
Ooo, you can drag me in the deep ends
Ooo, but you will never drown me out, out, out
You won’t drown me out, out, out
You won’t drown me out

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
You can never drown me out, the water supply’s too low
And I’m round about 6-1, 10 stone
I’ve never seen someone drown without
A sufficient amount of liquid in their lungs
And I’m an MC, my mouth can vouch
Do I sound like I’m choking?
Seriously, do I sound like I’m joking? I’m floating
Even though they want to send me to the bottom of the ocean
But I am a ship that sunk many years, blud, I’m maintaining
Plain sailing, no commotion
Like a dolphin when it’s in motion
Nothing can’t break me, so why would I show them I’m broken?
No real stress, no, my skin ain’t close to corrosion
Fuck them all, this ain’t tug of war, still they’ll get roped in the open
I don’t want to reveal my violent side, but I swear that I will soon
If the Lord above don’t provide a sign, then I’mma kill you
Arm for arm, eye for eye
I just want to live my life
But they don’t want to see this guy survive

[Hook x2]

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