Ed Sheeran Songs – Quiet Ballad of Ed Lyrics

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Ed Sheeran (2006)

[Verse 1]
In shadow there lies hope
Cut tension with a knife
I find it hard to cope
Stop playing with my life
You analyse my fears
Analyse my dreams
Choke on burning tears
Through my silent screams

Things aren’t what they seem

Tell a hundred craftsmen to work on me
Tell this army of angels to make me breathe
Open doors just to take away the key
I’ll let you all see that I’m doing better

[Verse 2]
Watch me fall
As I stumble at your feet
Always losing in this game
Your lies cut me deep
And you don’t even know my name
With your consistency
To always make me crawl
And my durability
Not affected at all



Feel the pain
On my brain
Feel the strain
As I start to decay
Feel the strain
Every passing day
Feel the pain
As I start to decay


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