Elevation Worship Song – We Are Forgiven lyrics

Artist: Elevation Worship
Album: “Kingdom Come” (2010)
Elevation Worship Songs Lyrics

After we had fallen
You opened up our hearts
And spoke in truth

The bags we had to carry
They were getting heavy
But not for you

You took up our crosses
And you cut all our losses
And paid for our freedom in you

We are forgiven, covered by the blood
Of a son who was given up for us

We are your children, adopted in a love
That could take all our mess and make us clean

Verse 2:
The darkness now behind us
Our hope inside a promise
You never leave

You brought us to the light God
And told us “It’s alright child
Rest in me”

Hallelujah, we are free, we are free

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Elevation Worship Song – We Are Forgiven lyrics

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