Emily Laudeman – This Amazing Love Song Lyrics

Artist: Emily Laudeman
Album: Drop a Spark

When He put me in this world
When He chose you as my mother
He sure made it right
He made it just right

‘Cause you love me in a way
That’s not like any other
It must be a part of heaven’s design

This amazing love
Has arms that reach to hold me
Has hands that shape and mould me
And wipe away my tears

There’s a place inside your heart
That feels like home to me
Where this amazing love is what I need

With a faith in things unseen
On these wings of gentle spirit
I rest in your prayers
At the end of each day

Covered by your love
I can face my future not fear it
Learning to stand
On my own feet of clay

God is good and Jesus loves me
I know these words are true
‘Cause He said, “Just as a mother comforts,
So I will comfort you”

There’s a cold that comes in winter
With a fire that love sustains
Where a mother’s touch and the hand of God
They somehow feel the same

Where your amazing love
God’s amazing love
This amazing love is all I need

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Emily Laudeman – This Amazing Love Song Lyrics

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