Migos Song – Freestyle (Ft. Young Thug) Lyrics


Migos Song – Freestyle (Ft. Young Thug) Lyrics

Artist: Migos
Mixtape: “Streets On Lock 3” (2014)
Migos Songs Lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Pull up and wet up the city don’t care about no feelings
I shoot at your children
Pull up and kill ’em don’t care bout no feelings
I pop out and shoot at the city
I’m cooking big birds and chickens
I pull up with tons and tons of them midgets
I’m going far as the stars, are you afraid of heights?
The sky is my limit
You’re bittersweet like a lemon
Hey I’ma move you up to Beverly but not the Center
Hey Young Thug gon’ bite that fish just like its tenders
The way I’m geek’d up don’t know one of my members
Hannah Montana, banging in red bandana
10 thousand dollars toe ring right inside of my sandals
My bitch understand us, she ride with the nana
She don’t give no fuck ’bout no cameras (Bling bitch!)
She got her a lawyer not goin’ to the slammer
Plus she did trial in a Phantom (Rich bitch!)
Imma pull up leave it running, I walk in the club
Don’t play I snuck the gun in
My bitch think she dreaming cause I grabbed the Tommy
She thought that I grabbed on my stomach (tummy!)
Cook so much dope it startin to look just like comic
It could make a young kid vomit
Catch a dumb ho, hook her up to phonics
I’m slick and ironic

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I’m taking your bitch out to Beverly Hills
And I didn’t give her nothing but a molly pill
I’m the Fresh Prince and I live on a mansion, young nigga my daddy not Phil
Me and Young Thugga we drank muddy trouble
My pockets inflating like I blew a bubble
When the mixtape dropping Migo?
Young nigga just wait on it! You acting like undercover (12!)
In the kitchen and I’m whipping the pot
And it’s getting thick on me like peanut butter (“Baw, glaw !”)
Short with the gwalla, I’m coming at you like the headhunter

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Pull up on you and your people
Me and my Migos illegal but that choppa legal
Guiseppes Zanotti black and white, they zebras
Set the bitch off like I’m Queen Latifah
In Puerto Rico kicking it with Carlito
He put me on Chico he gave me a kilo
You fuck niggas taking my lingo
Pull up on you get my shit back like I’m repo
Thugger my brother we got different mothers
We fucking these bitches you cuffin’ her
Bet you don’t know she be sucking me while you’ve be kissing her!
Offset fucked her, Quavo fucked her, but you fucking that bitch with no rubber
These bitches be trippin’, fucked all my brothers
And expect for me to love her! (I could never love her)

[Verse 4: Offset]
Pull up and I got the Tommy aim it at yo’ head I turn it to an omelette
I’m connected like Vonage I run to the money I’m faster than Sonic
You an informant I hang you like ornaments
Got pics in my mansion Mozart did the portraits
Got your bitch in the condo I’m all in her ovary
‘Sace my chest out like I am with Jodeci
I’m a wizard with bricks, Harry Potter, do sorcery
I’m at the top and no nigga is over me
Run in yo’ house like I’m Jeeper Creeper
Pour a 4 in the 2 liter
Christian Louboutin, walking on hyena
Straight out the trenches I use an egg-beater I whip up a beamer
Beat it like Tina, beat it like Jackson
I beat the pot my knuckle got a damn fracture
Add up the digits my nigga money on top of money, fractions
My niggas they all about action, no camera
Pull out the choppa, it hit yo’ ass hard like the judge, with the hammer
You niggas is monkey
That’s why the choppa got a Hundred-round hanging, banana
These bitches be asking me questions like
‘Offset why the hell you walking on mammals?’
Bitch because I am an animal
Watching me like I’m a channel
I got the white call it Pamela, Anderson
White Lambo Jennifer Aniston
Black diamonds, I call it African
Offset fresher than a mannequin
YRN plugged in with Rich Gang
We got plenty money, diamond chains

[Verse 5: Young Thug]
I drank a 4 and now I’m leanin’
She drank her a 4 and now we leanin’
I didn’t even cry homie
How I feel when I lean…
How many, how many, how many, goin with me
How many Ms, I got circles ain’t no Mickey Ds
Migos got a birdie of it
Throw away the cutlass get a Panoramic
Hey, Mama gotta mansion now she perfect
Spared my last mill but it turned out to be worth it
She just wanna do it for the Vine
She just wanna do it cause she know that she a dime
If you ain’t got no rollie she do not waste her time
I don’t want your weed boy you’re smoking on pines, nigga

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Migos Song – Freestyle (Ft. Young Thug) Lyrics

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